Auto insurance quotes in MarylandIsn't it great to make a top ten list? Unfortunately, Maryland is in the top ten list for most expensive car insurance in America. We ranked at #9 for 2016 at an average premium of $1,608, while the national average is $1,311.

Why do Maryland drivers pay $300 more every year for auto insurance? It's mainly due to the fact that the large majority of Maryland's residents live in urban areas like Baltimore and suburban Washington. These two areas alone are where almost 83% of Maryland's residents call home and premium rates are more expensive in areas with a higher concentration of traffic.

Despite the fact that we pay a little more for insurance, you don't have to overpay for insurance. There is a distinct difference and the key to understanding that difference is to make sure you're comparing rates regularly to ensure you are paying cheap rates.

Maryland drivers don't make a habit of shopping their coverage around, as almost 70% of policyholders have stayed with the same insurance company for 4 years or more. And even worse, over 35% of them have never even compared rates from other carriers to see if they were overpaying.

A national survey showed that just by doing a rate comparison once a year, the average customer could save over $3,400 over a four year period if they switched to the lowest priced company. Comparing car insurance rates in Maryland is simple to do, yet most people don't take the time to do it because they underestimate the amount of money they would save.

Our site can help you find more affordable coverage, learn about the coverages on your auto insurance policy, and even find a local Maryland insurance agent if you prefer to have professional advice.

Baltimore's Most Popular Vehicles for Auto Insurance

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